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ID Media is dedicated to good journalism and communications.

Owned by Ian and Debbi Carson, we operate a number of local publications that are doing their bit to build a solid reputation for quality and the delivery of substance in a world where it is decreasingly available.

Established in 1994 and based in Õtaki since 2012, ID Media owns and operates the publications Õtaki Today and Õtaki Street Scene. Õtaki Today is a monthly community newspaper, started in 2018, to introduce quality news coverage into the local Õtaki community.

Street Scene, known as a ‘bragazine’ had its origins in 1994 in Petone and the Wairarapa, but is now located only in Õtaki. ID Media also publishes Õtaki Yesterday, an annual journal presenting articles on local history.


ID Media works with Wellington-based web platform Flightdec to provide opportunities for businesses and organisation to operate professionally developed websites.

In support of the local community, particularly businesses, we also operate the local Our Õtaki community hub website, in partnership with Flightdec – see below.



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