Getting it right
Flaunt or flout? You might be
able to flaunt the law, but only
if you’re a show-off lawyer. To
flaunt is to display something
ostentatiously, as in ‘flaunting his
new-found wealth by turning up
in a Ferrari sports car’. To flout is
to openly disregard, to defy or
treat with contempt, especially
laws or rules – ‘He flouted the
company rules by signing the
cheques himself.’

At ID Media we regard good writing as the cornerstone of all good communication. Too often, the writing is disregarded in favour of design, especially in web sites. Pretty pictures convey, well, pretty pictures. Combined with succinct writing, design finds a new dimension. It begins to communicate, rather than confuse.
We believe it is important to understand the messages our clients wish to communicate, so we encourage initial face-to-face meetings before we start any writing. We are also happy to provide advice on expanding those messages and developing concepts, and we can help you to determine the best communication devices. ID Media’s writing is based on years of experience in metropolitan newspaper journalism, where the discipline of precise writing is paramount. Since 1994, ID Media’s team has specialised in newsletter writing, and has had many other writing assignments for brochures, web sites and media releases. Our clients included government departments, city councils, sector group organisations and community groups. We also have expertise and experience in editing and proofreading, either electronically with tracked changes, or on hard-copy print-outs.

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