Colour chaos
Getting colours right is one of the
most difficult issues for printers. If
you have a print job to manage for
your organisation, make sure you
follow some basic rules.

• Tell your printer what your
corporate colours are using the
Pantone chart, and what the CMYK
mix should be if the print job is full

• Supply a copy of a print job in
which the colours have been printed
correctly so it can be matched.
Provide a clean, unfaded copy – not
one that has sat in the sun.

• Provide a correct version of your
logo. Do not use jpeg format images
because these are for use on screen.
Do not provide images in Word files.
Most printers use formats such as
eps, tif, Freehand and Illustrator files.

• Ask your printer what format they

• Ask your logo designer if you are
not sure about formats.

• Provide a copy of your corporate
style guidelines if your organisation
has them.

Take the hassle out of managing print jobs by letting ID Media do the work for you. If we’re doing
the design, it makes sense for us to also manage the print. We can ensure any design issues or colour
incompatibilities are resolved quickly and seamlessly. We have been working with trusted printers
(mainly in the Hutt Valley) and an excellent print broker for many years – the good working relationship
provides us with quality work and the best prices. Whether it’s large format, one-off jobs or a print run of
thousands, we’ll get it done, and keep you informed of progress throughout.

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