Print or electronic?
Should your newsletter be print
or electronic? It’s a question
we are often asked. The answer
might well be related to cost,
but you need to consider your
audience. E-zines or email
newsletters are certainly cheap to
produce because you don’t have
the print and distribution costs.
However, does your audience
have a fast, reliable internet
connection? If they have to wait
too long for your newsletter to
download, it will probably be
consigned to the trash folder
along with the spam. Even if
they do recognise the value of
your newsletter, can you capture
their attention immediately? If
not, they might file for ‘later’ and
then never actually get around to
reading it. Special interest groups
are different. They might even
look forward to your newsletter
and read it avidly. That’s great,
but make sure it can be printed
out easily, especially in blackand-
white, which is cheaper
than colour. If you can afford
it, get your newsletter printed
and delivered into the hands of
your audience. People still prefer
something they can hold and
read at their leisure!

Newsletters – print or electronic – allow you to keep in touch with your clients, your colleagues or your constituents. Good newsletters can be remarkably effective marketing tools, creating opportunities for new business or simply providing information that helps your clients understand you better. Creating a good newsletter is a matter of getting every part of it right, from start to finish. You could try producing a newsletter yourself, but do you have the in-house nous to effectively complete all that is required? Chances are your newsletter will reflect your level of expertise. Many design companies produce good-looking newsletters, but if you’re not confident that your writing is well done, you run the risk of design dominating words. If you need writing, editing, proofreading or photography done, many designers sub-contract the work – meaning extra cost, wasted time and diminished control over the process because you’re not sure who is doing what. ID Media is a one-stop-shop for newsletters. We will write, edit, proofread, design, photograph, project and print-manage a newsletter from conception through to delivery. We can do all of it, or some of it as required. You might have your own communications staff for writing, or a trusted printer who will print your newsletter. We offer the flexibility to suit your needs.


“SOLGM engaged ID Media to assist, develop,
edit and publish our new e-magazine, Pulse,
back in 2002. Since then, Pulse has been
produced in a very professional manner. Over
that time ID Media has introduced innovative
style, content and quality improvements to
the e-magazine. The magazine has developed
into an important means for SOLGM to
communicate with members, other persons
and organisations with an interest in local
government management. Pulse was highly
valued by SOLGM members in a recent survey.”

David Smith, Chief Executive, Society of Local
Government Managers

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