Personal service
ID Media takes pride in its
personal service, attention to
detail and its integrity with
clients. All work is backed up
regularly on a secure system
to enable quick retrieval in the
event of electronic failure and for
archive purposes. Much of what
we manage is confidential to
clients, and Debbi and Ian ensure
it stays that way. We aim to give
our clients the best.






The Directors

Ian Carson
Ian trained originally as a magazine journalist before heading overseas with wife Debbi. He
was editor of London’s New Zealand News UK in 1981 and returned to New Zealand in 1983,
taking up a position as a sub-editor on The Evening Post in Wellington. He was a business
sub-editor there during the tumultuous late 1980s, trained journalists in the new Atex computer
system, and was later appointed as a news editor. After establishing ID Media in 1994, Ian
continued his direct connection with journalism as a sub-editing and news page layout
consultant for INL’s newspapers (later Fairfax), and was an off-campus tutor in news layout for The Open
Polytechnic. Today he manages ID Media’s client relations and continues to write, edit and design
for the company. He is a proofreader for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and an active rugby referee.


Debbi Carson
Debbi was a driving force behind the establisment of New Zealand’s first Montessori primary
school, Wa Ora Montessori School in Naenae. She brought her office management and
organisational skills to ID Media in 1995, and has worked as a publication designer.
She manages the day-to-day operations of ID Media. Debbi has a keen interest in
the arts and is a life member of the Friends of the Dowse in Lower Hutt.

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