Getting it right
Fewer or less? Often confused,
easy to get wrong. ‘Fewer’ relates
to numbers, so ‘fewer dollars
in my pocket’. ‘Less’ is about
quantity, so ‘less money in my
pocket’. A subtle difference, but
a difference nonetheless. While
we’re talking numbers and
quantity, why not use ‘more than’
instead of ‘over’? The word ‘over’,
is, well, over-used. Someone
might weigh ‘more than’ 80kg,
but they shouldn’t be ‘over’
80kg. Likewise, ‘over’ the year
can be written more accurately
as ‘during’ the year. Simply
explained, you go ‘over’ a bridge.

Design is an integral part of the communication toolkit. We regard it as the icing on the cake – the
enticing part that holds together all the other vital ingredients, such as hungry writing, juicy photography
and crunchy editing. Talk to us about how we can help with your next newsletter, brochure, conference
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“The Montessori Association of New Zealand has worked closely with ID Media
for more than 10 years, initially engaging them to produce a quarterly magazine,
Montessori NewZ in 1996. In 2002, ID Media provided our association with a new
range of communication tools for the development of our monthly e-newsletter,
InTouch, and quarterly e-magazine, Informed. ID Media has also provided the
Montessori Association with a range of other communication support – from
conference brochures to membership forms, publicity flyers and postcards. The
close relationship we have built means that the needs of our sector are well
understood by ID Media, enabling their service to consistently meet the needs of
our national community. The diverse range of services – from the development of a
communication plan to editing, design and publication – makes ID Media perfect for
our needs. Their versatile design team means that ideas are fresh and work volume
is never limited.”
Ana Pickering, Executive Officer,
Montessori Association of New Zealand

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